About Attache restaurant

Attache is exuded from the beginning some of his style, managament gives him the strength of a sports family, filled with the philosophy of karate. Distinctive in this way quickly becomes a place for meetings, gatherings.

Attache was built in 1997 in New Belgrade, with interiors like other cafes in town, but the ever-present sports atmosphere changed Attache and moves toward what it is today. On 2011 years received its current appearance.

Comprehensive reconstruction of the interior, the trend of modern restaurants, garden terrace creates a new ambiance Attaché. With the assistance of our professional team, were selected Mediterranean dishes, which gave a new quality Attache, who praises it, and obliges.

Breakfast, light lunch, or just a salad, dessert, a rich assortment of drinks, cocktails, a limited number of celebrations, or live music in the evening were constantly in our offer.At any time, we are trying to Attache table is a real champion, where guest enjoys..